Thoughts of A Single Mom

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A Mothers Worry

on August 27, 2012



Does a mother ever not worry?  I worry about my cub because he can’t really speak and tell me what’s wrong or if something is bothering him.  I have a friend that worries about her daughter because she’s at an age where she is very impressionable and she wants to make sure that she is giving her the foundation to make sound decisions.  Yet another that has just sent her youngest off to college and her worry has increased as she says she remembers her college days.  Last friend has a grown child that has kids of his own.  She now worries about her child and his children.  As a mother you worry if what you are doing is correct?  If that yelling episode gonna scar them so bad that they become these horrible people, that if you try your very best if they still won’t turn out like the riff raff (you hear about them on the news doing all kinds of foolishness).  You worry about their health, their education, their happiness, their mental and spiritual growth.  You worry about it all.  I worry about it all the time; every  millisecond of the day.  I’m not complaining though.  I love my cub with everything I have.  He is my reason for breathing as I never knew I would EVER feel like this.  So yes I will worry but the love I see when I look in his eyes makes all the worry worth it.  It goes with the territory, its part of being a mom.

I’m loving being a mom

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