Thoughts of A Single Mom

As I grow, learn, and change

My Saturday Musings

on August 25, 2012

Image*deeeeeeep breath* Nothing is really wrong I just feel………………off.  Left the house today after being semi productive but still felt……………………………off.  My sister came over (mooching off my internet) and I didn’t feel so off.  I think when I’m around those that I’m closes to, I feel, kinda, normal.  I know my cub is the best thing since sliced bread but I think I need to etch out adult time, or just plain ole time for me.  The thing is he’s at daycare M – F, I feel horrible trying to drop him somewhere else on the weekend.  There are times when it can’t be avoided but overall I don’t feel good about it.  This is the point where being a single mom sucks monkey balls.  It’s one thing to walk out the house and your child is with its father, its another to pack a bag, get him dressed, drop him off, pick him up and all of that.  By the time all that happens, I’d rather not just go.

I’ve been saying for awhile I need a different set of friends: friends that are single moms; friends that have toddlers; friends that are working moms.  Hell I just need some friends Lol

Tomorrow is church and to let him expend some energy, I found a toddler friendly playroom where I’m gonna take him to let him just run, jump, and play.  I’m trying to figure out now what I’m putting in the slow cooker so that when we get home finally, dinner will be ready.

But I’m facing another toddler issue, he doesn’t want to eat!  He will be running around saying eat, eat but when I give him the things he usually eats, he doesn’t.  All he wants is fruit and potatoes and juice and milk.  That’s not balanced!!!    When I try to force him, it just gets worse and he screams bloody murder.  At that point I give!  Any advice?

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