Thoughts of A Single Mom

As I grow, learn, and change

Life’s Passion

on August 23, 2012



So I’m sitting here thinking about what I would change in my life.  Really there isn’t much material things I would change.  I mean more money would be great, a bigger house will be great but its not exactly necessary.  What I would change is I would find out what my passion is.  I have no idea what it is.  I love teaching (adults not kids) and I taught online before but I think I want to go into it deeper like on a college level.  I don’t know if its a passion though.  I made gift bags and baskets at one point in life and i enjoyed it but don’t think it was a passion.  I like arts and crafts  but again don’t know if its a passion.  It relaxes me but I can’t say its the one thing I just loooooove to do.

I know so many people that say they love their jobs as they were doing what they were born to do.  Yeh that’s so not me.  I like what I do and of course I’ve gotten used to things like food, a place to live, clothes and all those other things so I deal with the stuff about it I don’t like.  I would love to be able to take time to figure out what it is but as a mom there really isn’t much time for that especially being a mom to a toddler.  Maybe I should take some classes of various things to see if there is something that will interest me enough for me to say its a passion.

I thought about going to school for nursing then my mother reminded me that I freak out at the sight of blood.  I do and I hate needles.  I thought about going back to be a lawyer and yeh no I think I would just like the letters behind my name more than anything.  I even thought about going back to be a massage therapist.  I mean the quietness, the zen feel and all of that.  Yeh no.  Touching random people, again not my thing.  So I’m going to look at the junior colleges in my area and see what classes they offer and what interests me and take one and go from there.  At the most it will give me a new skill, relax me, give me some ME time away from the cub and make me a better mommy and person in the long run.

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