Thoughts of A Single Mom

As I grow, learn, and change

Joined Church

on August 19, 2012


We joined church today.  I’ve visited this church times  and wasn’t sure if this is where I was supposed to be as I had planned to visit a few others.  However this morning (even thought we were late) I was moved to go to the front and join the church.  I feel happy that this is a good place to raise my child (at least until I move to a new city).  I’m happy, and feeling at peace.

So I knew I was going to church today as I needed to get my insides feeling more at ease.  Woke up late like at the time we would usually be getting dressed to go.  So I had to feed the cub, get me together, get him together and make sure we had enough snacks to get him through the entire service.  Left the house 10 minutes after service started.  It’s only a 15 minute drive so I was ok with being a little late.  Well traffic was great but the exit I needed was backed up for an extra 20 minutes, not to mention having to find parking.  Needless to say I only heard about roughly 30 minutes of the service.  That’s ok as some was better then none and I refused to be deterred this morning.

I’ve been sick all weekend and didn’t really do much but I knew I was doing this!  Thank you sweet baby Jesus!  

I’m serious about getting my spiritual house in order.

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