Thoughts of A Single Mom

As I grow, learn, and change

Sick Ramblings

on August 18, 2012

So I’m trying to organize parts of my home as I organize my life.  Just like my life,  this closet is taking a lot more energy then I realized!!!!!  I’m sick so that isnt’ helping.  However no matter how sick I am, I will be at church tomorrow.  Hopefully folks won’t look at me too strange while I cough.  I’m determined to get my spiritual self in order.  My days seem to just feel better when that happens.  I have made some progress but as I make progress the house just looks worse!!  There realize is some semblance of organization in this chaos.  I think I may ask my sister to come by tomorrow to keep the cub busy so I can truly get some stuff done!

So he tried out his new daycare and would you believe my extra picky person ate everything else the other kids ate.  I was super shocked and surprised.  My kid doesn’t eat macaroni and cheese but he did at daycare.  i have to all but shove veggies down his throat but he did with them.  May have to bring those kids to my house for daily meals.  I think I’ve made a good decision on this day care.  Yes its costing more money and they talking about cutting our money but I have to do what’s best for my cub.  No he’s not going to the place that costs $1300 a month, but he will be at a place that I feel (I hope I’m right about this) will help give him the foundation he needs.

I wanted to be more productive today then I was but again my sinus, allergy, cold issue has gotten me beat down so the most I did was feed the cub, put food in my mouth (i can’t taste nor smell a thing) and keep his bottom clean and dry.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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