Thoughts of A Single Mom

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Blessing of God-Parents

on August 18, 2012


I must say I have chosen some wonderful people to be the God-parents of my cub.  I knew I was going to be a single mom and I wanted to make sure he had a village, a real village to help in making him a well rounded person.  I chose 2 married couples and my bff.

Yesterday he went to God-daddy day care for the day and my cubby had a ball!  He went to the beach, played in the sand and water, ate fruit, played with his god brothers, rode the train and had an all around good time.  I am so thankful that this set is just as into education as I am.  Even while he was playing and having a good time, he was practicing his alphabet and his numbers.

I was told that you have to be very careful of the type of people you consistently have around your children as those are the people they may look to first to be their role model.  I wanted to make sure there were good people.  People who have achieved good things but have also seen some other things.  If he can’t come and talk to me about a girl issue, he has 2 god-fathers that he can go to and between the two of them, they’ve seen and experienced it all.  He has some unofficial god-parents as well.  They pick him up from daycare when I’m running late; they keep him overnight on those rare occasions I let him go (I’m still an overprotective mom) and they just give him that male bonding time that he needs.  I am truly truly grateful to these people.  It means a lot to ask someone to be a god-parent cause in essence you’re asking them to help you raise your child and if the unfortunate happens, to continue raising your child in your absence.  I know I need to make sure I get guardianship papers completed and signed and finish up this whole will/trust before he gets too big.  Not that I expect or want anything to happen but tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone and I want to be prepared.  That’s just being a responsible parent.

If you have great god-parents for your children, let them know you appreciate them.  If you are a god-parent and you are fabulous, know that parent or parents really and truly appreciate you.  If your god-parents aren’t the greatest, sit down with them and discuss what it is you need from them, expect from them and so forth.  They may not be sure of their role.  I’m glad I had the discussion while I was still pregnant so everyone knew from day 1 what it meant to be a part of the cubs life!

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